Piloting and upscaling initiatives

With more than a decade working with Local Governments, SETU accompanied local Governments in piloting practices towards improved local governance in the District initially with a selected number of Local Governments and then with a larger scale. The tools were gradually sharpened and made robust.


Governance Audit:

One such tool, first of its kind, is the Governance Audit, a tool used by Local Governments and for the Local governments. The tool is used to measure and rate performance of Village Panchayats based on governance parameters.


Local Governance Support System (LGSS):

A GIS based open application, the LGSS, was developed as a tool to promote informed decision making for the Local Governments.
”We showed the map of our village to the officer. The map depicted the resources in the village and the length of the road we required to construct. This convinced the officer at Bhuj and fund for road construction was approved”- Salimbhai, ex Sarpanch, Sargu village.



Urban Planning Support System (UPSS):

Inspired from the LGSS, SETU facilitated the Rapar Municipality to develop UPSS, an open application depicting wardwise maps and the resources as well as the tax collected from each ward. The UPSS encouraged the Councillors of each ward to target interventions in a competitive though healthy spirit to enhance tax collection and improve the quality of basic services in their ward.
To know about UPSS, click www.upssnagarpalika.in