Dryland Farmers

Adesar Agriculture Producer Company

Dryland agriculture is one of the predominant occupations in three blocks of Kutch district namely Rapar, Bhachau and Bhuj.

The social composition of Rapar block in the Eastern region of Kutch district is dominated by the Koli community. The communities are chiefly agrarian. Rainfed agriculture is largely predominant with except few pockets in Rapar and Bhachau. The farmers are highly affected by the high uncertainty in rainfall and thus successive variations in productivity.

SETUs in this region facilitated the formation of groups and federations of farmers. Through continuous knowledge input and interactions with resource institutions and experts, the farmers revived their confidence on organic farming and came together to form a farmers’ collective which got registered as Adesar Vistar Khet Utpadak Producer Company. More than 200 families are members of the Company and are engaged in the organic certification every year.