Mission Vision and Objectives

Mission, Vision and Objectives

Mission of SETU Abhiyan

To strengthen citizen and community's faith, understanding and engagement in local governance; And improve local government bodies' (gram panchayats and municipalities) capacities to govern with transparency, and deliver development services by being inclusive, sustainable, creative and efficient.

Vision of SETU Abhiyan

The rural and urban regions of the Country are locally governed by fully empowered and enlightened local governments with engaged citizens and communities. And that society moves towards the decentralized governance of natural, cultural and economic resources, as well as primary services, entitlements and access to justice.


  • To support Communities, citizens and the State in implementing the 73rd and 74th amendment of the Constitution in letter and spirit.
  • To facilitate and sensitive local Governments in the villages and small towns to envision, plan, partner, and implement policies, programmers and activities; In a way that addresses the concerns, priorities and dreams of children, youth, women, the poor, livelihood practitioners, the aged, the differently abled, vulnerable sections, as well as their society at large.
  • To enable local government bodies and citizens to enhance their access to knowledge systems, information, skills, perspectives, learning opportunities, and other resources by which they can improve their capacities for decentralized governance.
  • To encourage and facilitate platforms of action, research and sharing of healthy practices between local governments, citizens, and organizations.