Development Education

Development Education

We offer tailor-made training programmes, study visits related to Local Governance and develop these programmes/ projects on demand in discussion with our key stakeholders and thus ensure that the content and methodology suit the knowledge level and training needs of the participants. The course on Local Governance and Citizenship has been the first of its kind and was launched in 2011 with the support of LOGIN. The course developed in 3 modules (Prajatantra, Ayojan ka Adhikar and Bhavishya) builds in ground realities and scopes to apply learnings in the field as well. The course has been designed by Shri T R Raghunandan, Ms. Sushma Iyengar and Ms. Parimala Inamdar. To know more, please write to us at setuabhiyan@gmail.com.


  • Course on Local Governance and Citizenship for Panchayat members of Kutch District with the support of LOGIN : Photo; report in PDF of this training is available


  • Course on Local Governance and Citizenship for Community members with FES with the support of LOGIN: (Photo)


  • Course on Local Governance and Citizenship for Social facilitators of AKRSP and DSC (Photo)

Training and Workshops

To create organized learning platforms for a large group of elected panchayat representatives, monthly seminars are organized which get attended by more than 300 elected representatives. This gives opportunity for collective learning, debates and reflections in various developmental and governance aspects. These capacity building processes and tools are over and above the structured training course and programmes that are organized for the gram panchayat representatives regularly.